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Royal Academy of Dance examinations

 Why is it important to do examinations?

Exams are an opportunity for students to perform in front of an examiner, and celebrate their progress.

They are a goal to work towards, alongside other dancing objectives.

They are a globally recognised qualification.

In the UK, some of the RAD exams can be converted into UCAS points.

Our Recent Work, preparations for exams

Grade 4 Ballet (mock exam)

Our preparations for ballet exam with our beautiful dancer in mock exam which are taken prior to the  exam to prepare.

Grade 5 turns (exam requirement)

Our dancers on stage performing some examination work at Grade 5 level. Turns

LG Ballet - sch​ool history of examination results have been outstanding.

Ballet Examinations at LG Ballet Centre Egham

Dancers are prepared for Ballet examinations, which are set by the examination board the Royal Academy of Dance.

At LG Ballet Centre we strive to maintain the highest standards at all times with all children entering.

The schools results are outstanding with a pass rate of 100 %.

Our history of examination results are exceptional with 98% dancers passing with Distinction.

Examinations are optional and if you choose not to take the examinations your dancer will be assessed by your teacher each term,  to enable the dancer to move with their peers into the next level once the appropriate standard is reached.

Our graded RAD ballet classes are held in Egham,  and Staines Upon Thames weekly. 

Please contact the school for timetable and availability