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About our classes

Progression from our nursery and preschool Baby Ballet Academy, dancers move into the junior ballet school from 6 years at LG ballet at primary level. Our students are then offered to study in addition a syllabus from one of the major dance organisations in the UK. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance system and examination board. These classes are taught in ways that are engaging, and adaptable to a variety of learning styles. We encourage children to work towards examination standards and take exams, but exams are an optional part of the training. Dancers and families are given the opportunity to choose whether this is the route they would like to take. 

Once children have reached a certain level we recommend children attend 2 classes a week minimum. You will be contacted by the teacher regarding this as your child progresses. If a child is taking the exam route, and are ready to take their exam they will be required to do additional exam class the term of their exam.



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